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Kuah Harbour at its best

An overcast start for the fourth day of racing but another fine day eventuates.

Once again wind started at round 15 knots from the north east and although numerous forecasts promised an early demise of the breeze, it stayed remarkably steady and true enabling the Racing, IRC1, IRC2 and Sportboat classes to enjoy three races in the beautiful turquoise waters of Kuah Harbour.

The Multihull, Club and White-sail classes, including the venerable Classic Challenge class, all started at the same time and were given a longer downwind start for their course including rounding the spectacular Pulau Singa Kecil.

Team Hollywood had a glorious day winning all three races and taking an unassailable lead in the racing class. Sadly Zuhal damaged their spinnaker in race 2 and withdrew from the next two races.

There were amazingly small differences in corrected times amongst the second, third and fourth boats in the racing and other classes, with only seconds and minutes separating the pace getters.

The IRC1 class displayed some consistent results with Char Chan winning and Mata Hari KL Registry securing second place in all three races.

Uminoko took a penalty turn at the start of race 2 after some exuberant tacking at the start put them on collision course with Meraki, fortunately avoided!

In the IRC2 and Sportboat classes there was some very keen competition with a lot of hustle and bustle at the start of each race. The Platus, in particular, provided some spectacular maneuvers in the brisk breeze jostling for position at the start line. Phoenix excelled today winning all three races but only by seconds in each race on corrected time. In race 2, Phoenix was only six seconds ahead of Beihai China!

In the Sportboat class Navy 1 Platu skippered by Mohd Akiyuddin took the honors in all three races today.

The Multihulls, Club and White Sail classes collectively participated in a fast downwind start for their only race for the day with some humorous moments when in all the excitement of twelve yachts starting at once, VG Offshore somehow managed to fly their kite upside down! This was quickly corrected and many puns come to mind about the Tack, Head and Clew found in the corners of asymmetrical spinnakers! Nevertheless, VG Offshore managed to gain a very respectable second place today in the Club Class behind the rapidly improving ‘Wind of Change’.

Chantique took both line honors and corrected time victories today in the White Sail class.

In their only race today for Multihulls, Fetz Ma prevailed over Allegro. The finish was truly nail-biting with Allegro overtaking Fetz Ma right on the finish-line. The elapsed times were only two seconds apart but Fetz Ma took the race on corrected time.

Xavier Le Henaff skippering Gwell took first place today in the Classic Challenge class ahead of the 109 year old Eveline.

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