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Press Release 12 January 2019

LANGKAWI, 12 JANUARY 2019 – The Tourism Malaysia Race Day Five for the 17th Royal Langkawi International Regatta 2019 saw Team Hollywood lifting the Prime Minister’s Challenge Trophy, under the Racing Class today.

Having won 9 races out of the 9 they competed in, the team from Australia – reached a final score of 9 – following five days of sailing. Coming in second and third to them were THA72 and SCS Janda Baik, with scores of 17 and 31, respectively.

Tayfun Koksal, Regatta Director said it was a good regatta for this year as the showmanship of participants and the teamwork was absolutely fantastic.

“I am delighted that we had good winds throughout the week, without which, exciting sailing would not have been possible. This regatta offered good exposure to new teams, and we had 34% increase in teams that took part. This is encouraging and we hope to organise another successful regatta in 2020 with even more sailing boats,” he said, adding that all teams did two rounds of races at Kuah Harbour.

Final standings for all classes of the 17th Royal Langkawi International Regatta 2019:

Racing Class (Prime Minister’s Challenge Trophy)

  1. Team Hollywood, skippered by Ray Roberts, score of 9
  2. THA72, skippered Kevin Whitcraft, score of 17
  3. SCS Janda Baik, skippered by Mohd Khairul and Shahril Zakaria, score of 31

LADA-IRC Challenge Trophy (IRC 1 class)

  1. Mata Hari KL Registry, skippered by Vincent Chan, score of 14
  2. MegaZip, skippered by Alexey Mashkin, score of 20
  3. East Marine Emagine, skippered by Scott Noel Bradley, score of 25

RLIR-IRC Challenge Trophy (IRC 2 class)

  1. APW Endeavour of Whitby, skippered by Stuart Williamson, score of 12
  2. Phoenix, skippered by Niels Degenkolw, score of 17
  3. The Blue Angel, skippered by Jeremy Camps, score of 25

Commodore’s Challenge Cup (Club Cruising class)

  1. Marikh, skippered by Hasani Hassan, score of 12
  2. VG Offshore, skippered by Rama Menon, score of 16
  3. Iseulta, skippered by Tristram Denyer, score of 19

Langkawi Sports Trophy (Sportsboat class)

  1. MSA Team, skippered by Muhd Uzzair Amin, score of 12
  2. Navy 1, skippered by Harisfabillah Muhamat, score of 17
  3. RSYC Team, skippered by Rizal Mahadi Sazli, score of 24

Malaysia Multihull Challenge Cup (Multihull class)

  1. Fugazi, skippered by Dan Fidock, score of 12
  2. Twin Sharks, skippered by John Newnham, score of 17
  3. Allegro, skippered by Bob McIntyre, score of 25

White Sail

  1. Chantique, skippered by A’dale Adham Ayahudin, score of 9
  2. Eveline, skippered Dato’ Richard Curtis, score of 15
  3. Linda, skippered by Woodrow Jack Christensen, score of 17

Organised by the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club (RLYC), the RLIR 2019 saw 35 new and veteran sailors from 8 countries – Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and Thailand. They competed in seven classes – Racing Class, IRC 1, IRC 2, Sportsboat, Club Cruising, Multihull, and White Sail. They won awards such as the Prime Minister’s Challenge Trophy (Racing Class), the LADA- International Racing Class Challenge Trophy (IRC 1 Class), RLIR- International Racing Class Challenge Trophy (IRC 2 Class), the Commodore’s Challenge Cup (Club Cruising Class), Langkawi Sports Trophy (Sportsboat Class), as well as the Malaysia Multihull Challenge Cup (Multihull Class).

RLIR 2019 was organised in partnership with Tourism Malaysia, the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia, the Malaysia Sailing Association and the Langkawi Development Authority (LADA).

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