Relive RLIR 2020Updated 466 days ago

Sailing Teams Inch Closer to Securing Their Overall Positions

Sailing teams are closer to cementing their overall positions in different classes at the Day Four race of the 17th Royal Langkawi International Regatta 2019, after two races for the day.

Some of the slower boats in the Club Cruising and White Sail classes especially, set out to sail earlier for the longer than usual race route.

The first race of the day took place on a shorter Kuah Harbour race course while the second race was at the gusty West Coast race course – only for the second time ever – along the scenic Pantai Telaga and Pantai Cenang stretch. The plateau boats did three races in Kuah Harbour only and did not sail on the west course today.

Much drama was there nevertheless, with the sailing teams now and then.

Fugazi Racing managed 43.5 kilometres in just over two hours albeit it being a longer course, finishing faster than its round the island race. On the other hand, Phoenix under IRC2 clashed
into the marine police boat (start boat) and its crew escaped unhurt.

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