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Towards The Grand Line

Saturday and final day of this regatta, the sky is cloudy and the winds were hovering around 8 knots oscillating around 150 degrees direction. Two races, 6 & 7, were scheduled on the open sea at East Coast area.

The first to race was the Racing Class, crossing the start line at 09:55. The end of the day and racing activities for the 16th edition of this regatta was called at 13:55 hours when vessel Indulgence of the Ocean Rover Class had just crossed the finish line.

First in the Racing Class, THA72 skippered by Australian Tom & Kevin Whitcraft finished 1st in both races 6 & 7, asserting their domination in this category with a 6th time win in this event and a clear overall 1st place with 6 points ahead of 2nd place. Uranus was 2nd position in Race 6 while Alive was 2nd in the 7th race. Overall Uranus and Malaysian Skipper Salleh Ahmad finished 2nd, and Alive led by Australian Duncan Hine finished 3rd.

In the IRC1 Class, the overall score came out even at 9 points each for Mata Hari and Char Chan. In Race 6, Japanese team Char Chan came 1st while Malaysian team Mata Hari scored 2nd place. In Race 7, Skipper Geoff Masters on Meraki took the 1st place. The Singaporean team had finished 3rd in the past 5 races. Mata Hari scored 2nd place in Race 7, while Char Chan got 3rd place.

When the overall score being equal in the IRC1 Class, the number of 1st wins in the regatta is the first factor used to determine who takes the number one spot. Both Mata Hari and Char Chan had both got 1st place for three times. In such a case, the second criterion is the number of 2nd places. Mata Hari has had 2nd place for 4 times, while Char Chan has won 2nd place for three times, making Mata Hari the 1st overall in IRC1 class. Had the number of 2nd places been the same, the third criterion would have 3rdplaces, then 4th places. If they were the same, the last race’s results would be used.

In the IRC2 Class, Phoenix emerged winner in Race 6 & 7 after winning all 7 races ahead of Old Pulteney Blue Angel, leaving Nijinsky at the 3rd place. Old Pulteney finished 2nd in Race 6 while Nijinsky scored a 2nd place in Race 7.

In the Multihull Class, Tantrum Too and Skipper Robert Van Paridon snatched the 1st places in both Race 6 & 7, securing the 1st place overall, only one point in front of the Austrian team Fetz Ma. Fetz Ma finished 2nd in both last races and 2nd overall. Allegro skippered by Bob McIntyre finished 3rd overall.

In the Club Class, Russian team Southern Breeze 3 took the 1st place overall after winning 1st place in Race 6 and a 3rd place in Race 7. Meanwhile, Iseulta skippered by Tristram Denyer took 2nd place in Race 6 while Japanese team Fortissimo X score 2nd place in Race 7. Overall, 4th place and on were: New Zealand team Sophia skippered by Philip Auger, Malaysian team VG Offshore led by Rama Menon, Lady Bubbly skippered by Chris Mitchell, and Sade 2 led by Keith Miller.

Finally, in the Ocean Rover Class, Chantique secured a definite 1st place overall by winning the 1st place of both Races 6 & 7. Linda secured 2nd in Race 6, while French team Indulgence ended up 2nd in Race 7. Linda retired in Race 7. Linda skippered Woodrow Jack Christensen obtained a 2nd place overall while Skipper Bernard Di Tullio on Indulgence finished 3rd.

It has been a marvelous experience for all participants amidst tough competitions.

Have a safe return home, everyone.

See you next year!

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