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Race Day 5

Race Day 5 of the 15th RLIR is upon us and with it comes fairly decent sailing weather for the final day of races. All races today took place offshore on the East coast of Langkawi. Jury boat, start boats and markers were all set in place and ready by 0900 hours but the races were delayed due to a red flag at 0930 hours.

Wind speeds were low and erratic today, with small patches of wind up to 3 knots early in the day, but dying out by 1000 hours. At first it looked as if there would not be sufficient wind to start a race but by 1050 conditions w, but with a slight fear of rain as a massive storm cloud drew over head at the same time. All classes were only given a single race for the day. Races started at 1100 hours, with 5 minute intervals between the start of the different classes.

As always, the Racing class kicked off the day’s races, with Race 7 starting at 1100 hours. It was a tight start, with highly aggressive racing between Hong Kong vessel, Black Bazza led by skipper Steve Manning and Malaysian vessel Emagine lead by Australian skipper Scott Bradley, initially. All competitors were very close to each other and the race was tight during these initial moments.

As the race progressed, there was a gust of strong wind, which caused each of the boats to tilt to one side dramatically. A media boat became an obstruction in the race, getting in the way of Emagine, causing them to fall behind due to a forced maneuver to avoid collision with the media boat.

In the end, Race 7 was one by Thai team, THA72 lead by skipper Don Whitcraft, who continues their fantastic debut at the RLIR.

Race 7 for the IRC1 class was won by local team Mata Hari KL Registry, helmed by skipper Vincent Chan, who also continues his winning streak, with fellow Malaysian team Insanity coming in second place.

In the IRC2 class, Danish skipper Niels Degenkolw won Race 7 with his Malaysian vessel, Phoenix, netting 1 point for the day. Coming in second place was Malaysian vessel Old Pulteney Blue Angel, led by British skipper Jeremy Camps who sits in second place at the end of the day with 2 points.

Race 6 in the Multihull class was won by Singaporean vessel, Tantrum Too, led by Dutch skipper Robert Van Paridon, ahead of Mojo and Fetz Ma in second and third place respectively.

The Sportsboat class started Race 7 fiercely. All competitors were tremendously close to one another, with there being constant fears of collisions throughout the race. Ultimately, local team RSYC led by skipper Rizal Mahadi Sazili, emerged victorious ahead of Thai vessel, Pine-Pacific, led by skipper Ithinai Yingsiri.

All the cruising class boats (consisting of Club, Ocean Rover, and White Sail boats) started their final race at the same time at 1120 hours. The results are as follows.

Race 4 in the Club class was won by Milashka, led by Russian skipper Korolev Nikolai, marking their first win for this regatta.

Race 3 in the Ocean Rover class was won by local skipper and boat, Fabian Fernandez in the Freedom 12, who continues his winning streak.

Race 3 in the White Sail was won by British skipper John Ormston in his boat Invictas Reward who also continues his winning streak from the day before.

With that, the 15th Royal Langkawi International Regatta has come to an end. It has been an exciting week of sailing here at the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club and now we look forward to 2018.

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