Relive RLIR 2020Updated 466 days ago

Race Day 3

Race Day 3 of the 15th RLIR has unfortunately ended with no races taking place for the day due to poor racing condition. At 1400 hours Principle Race Officer (P.R.O.) Simon James declared that all races would be called off.

When asked to comment on the wind conditions, P.R.O. Simon James had this to say, “The biggest problem with yacht racing is that we need to have consistent wind to be able to give everyone a fair race”. Unfortunately, there was no consistent wind throughout the day.

Additionally, he commented, “Every time we thought we would be able to try to start a race, the wind would change again. This is because there are four big weather systems in the region and at the moment, they’re counteracting each other. So what happens is one makes the wind go one way, one makes it go the other and we’re left in the middle with very little.”

When asked about how today’s cancellations would affect the schedule of the Regatta, he explained that only two races are required for the event to be qualified as a series, a target which was reached by the end of Race Day 1. He added that their next milestone would be to complete 5 races in each class, which would then allow for the worst results for each individual team to be discounted.

So that brings an end to Race Day 3. Hopefully the next two days will bring stronger winds and good tides. From here at the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, we are all looking forward to the final two days of the 15th Royal Langkawi International Regatta.

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