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Race Day 1

Race Day 1 kicked off with sunny, clear blue skies over Langkawi. The courses for the day’s races were all within the Kuah Harbor. The day started with little wind during Race 1 before speeds finally began to pick up in the afternoon shortly before Race 2. Not optimal racing conditions here in the harbor but Principal Race Officer Simon James pulled off a riveting day of racing nonetheless.

The Hong Kong racing class vessel, Black Bazza, a newcomer to the RLIR, manned by British skipper Steve Manning was the first boat out following the start boats shortly after 0800.

At 0920 wind speeds began picking up, reaching 3 knots at 16 degrees which allowed for Race 1 to start on time at 0930 with the racing class boats being the first to set off. Wind speeds remained low during the first set of races before eventually dying out around 1200. By 1330 wind speeds began rising to 6 knots and remained between 5-7 knots throughout the second set of races.

Every class had completed two races by the end of the day except for the cruising classes (consisting of clubs, ocean rovers, and white sails) which only completed one race.

Malaysian vessel Emagine lead by Australian skipper Scott Bradley, the smallest of all the racing class boats, emerged victorious in their first race ahead of newcomer THA72 from Thailand lead by skipper Don Whitcraft, which came in second and 56 seconds between the two after corrections.

However, the THA72 won Race 2 later in the day ahead of Black Bazza with just under 2 seconds separating the two after corrections. This marks THA72’s first ever win here at the RYIR.

THA72 currently leads the racing class with 3 points, with Emagine only 1 point behind.

In the IRC1 class, Malaysian vessel Mata Hari KL Registry, led by skipper Vincent Chan, won both races of the day; netting them 2 points total and putting them ahead of fellow Malaysian vessel insanity with 4 points, who came in second in both races.

In the IRC2 class, Danish skipper Niels Degenkolw also won both of his races with his Malaysian vessel, Phoenis, netting 2 points for the day. Coming in second in both races was Malaysian vessel Old Pulteney Blue Angel, led by British skipper Jeremy Camps who sits in second place at the end of the day with 4 points.

For unknown reasons as of this writing, British vessel Awatea retired during their first race.

In the Multihull class, skipper Gerhard Pils lead the Austrian vessel, Fetz Ma to victory in Race 1, ahead of Dutch skipper Robert Van Paridon and his Singaporean vessel the Tantrum Too. The two swapped positions during Race 2 and are currently leveled on points with 3 each.

In the Sports class, the largest category, Race 1 was taken by the Thai vessel, Pine-Pacific, led by skipper Ithinai Yingsiri ahead of the Singaporean SMU, led by skipper Koh Ling Yang, with just under 1 second separating the two after corrections.

Race 2 was dominated by local teams Malaysian Armed Force Team 1, led by skipper Mohd. Masyuri Rahmat and RSYC Team, led by skipper Rizal Mahadi Sazili claiming 1st and 2nd place respectively.

Pine-Pacific currently leads the scoreboard in this class with 4 points followed by Malaysian Armed Force Team 1 with 5 points.

As mentioned the cruising classes were only given a single race for the day and the results are as follows.

The Club class race was won by Lady Bubbly, led by Australian skipper Chris Mitchell.

The Ocean Rover class race was won by local skipper and vessel, Fabian Fernandez in the Freedom 12.

The White Sail class race was won by skipper John Ormston in his vessel Invictas Reward.

A great start to the 1515 Royal Langkawi International Regatta, and a great week of sailing to look forward to if today is any indication.

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