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2014 Protests


  Race 4 – 15th January 2014 White Sail
Admission Before the hearing commenced, Reinhart Haiber, representing PYTHEUS AURA, acknowledged that she had not kept clear of VIRGO as required by Rule 10 and she retired.
Validity The Protest Time Limit for White Sail Class for Day 2 was 14:45 pm. The protest form was delivered to the Race Office by VIRGO at 15:02 pm. Therefore, the protest had not been delivered to the Race Office within the protest time limit. However, while examining the validity of the protest, VIRGO stated that they came ashore immediately after berthing and wasted no time in filling out the protest form and delivering it. As that was the best they could have done, the Jury considered it as a good reason to extend the protest time limit and extended it accordingly. The other conditions of informing the protestee at the first reasonable opportunity and of displaying a red flag had both been met. So, the protest was considered valid; however, as PYTHEUS AURA had retired in recognition of having breached rule 10 in this incident, the hearing did not proceed.
Decision Protest dismissed. PYTHEUS AURA is to be scored ‘RET’.

International Jury: Kit Lock (SIN-IJ), Ilker Bayindir (TUR-IJ), Ravi Santhanam (IND-NJ), GS Julka (IND-NJ), Bryan Willis (GBR-IJ), chairman.

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