Relive RLIR 2020Updated 466 days ago

Royal Langkawi: where IS the finish line?

It was a long wait this morning, with picturesque Bass Harbour glassed out in front of the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club. The AP on shore hung limply, and the few boats that had left the marina before it was hoisted – and didn’t know that it HAD been hoisted – spent a long time wondering why everyone else didn’t come out to play, ghosting around where the racing ought to be… good practice for what was to come.

The Jury passed the time pushing their little coloured boats around on a table and inventing impossible scenarios with which to test their encyclopaedic knowledge of the RRS, and everyone else repaired to the bar (another soda, please) and stayed in the shade. The RO was spotted fast asleep in a comfy chair. Flies buzzed. Lizards gasped – it was that sort of a flat-out start to the day.

But the somnolent idyll couldn’t last for ever. A breath of wind, life, stirring noises, and all of a sudden the marina was tipping out – heck, it had only been a four-hour wait.

All classes duly strolled off on windward-leeward courses – unusually, with the wind from the southwest. But not before RO Mark Pryke had threatened to postpone starts on account of the camera boat and the Chairman of the Jury loitering with intent too close to the pin end of the start line. Maybe, just maybe, the first dodgy ‘call’ of the day.

By the end of the race the thoroughly fickle breeze had swung through almost 180 degree celcius – the Racing class finished under headsails, and everyone else got a shortened course. It was soft and funky stuff, to be sure.

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