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AP Flag raised on Day 1

It sparked a short wave of excitement when the AP flag was finally lowered at 12.15pm. After almost four hours of delay with flat waters and no wind, a gentle breeze started to blow around noon. When the weather conditions improved, so did the mood of those at the harbour as sailors could not wait to set their sails up for the first race of the Royal Langkawi International Regatta 2011.

Principal Race Officer Mark Pryke raised the AP flag at 8am and decided to delay the race because there was no wind. But the wind started to pick up and reach 6 knots by 12.30pm.

After a long discussion, the race committee decided on the windward/leeward course, putting the 47 teams of eight classes to the test.

The classes are Racing Class, IRC1, IRC2, SB, Multihull, Club Cruising, Ocean Rover and Hobie 16.

One of the sailors of MYA 2 (Hobie 16) fell overboard during the first race but was able to quickly swim back to his boat.

Just when the sailors thought they would have some serious actions at the second race, the wind started to weaken by 3.30pm.

A lack of wind forced the Race Committee to abandon the second race for all classes except for the Racing Class. The course for the Racing Class was also shortened. The decision came when the wind literally died.

Few protests came in and the jury is still in the midst of resolving the issues.

It looks like the sailors will have to work extra harder for the race(s) tomorrow. If the wind is good, there may be three races.

Tonight’s party is going to be filled with great music and food, and hopefully it will help uplift the spirit of some of the frustrated sailors.

For results, click here.

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