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Sailing Langkawi International Regatta – Quantum Racing take it again

The Aussie-flag bearer completed the last two races yesterday in third and first place to garner an overall 15 points, ahead of second placed Hi Fi, skippered by New Zealander Neil Pryde.

Jelik — the biggest, fastest and most expensive boat in the fleet and owned by Hong Kong multi millionaire Frank Pong — only managed to secure third place despite finishing all 10-races with the fastest time.

Jelik crossed the line faster than other boats in the Racing class but its low handicap meant it had to lose out to other boats with higher handicap.

Another Aussie boat, YO!2 secures fourth place with the Royal Malaysian Navy’s Zuhrah in last spot.

“We put in a lot of time and effort preparing the boat for this regatta and I am happy it paid off,” said Robert.

Overall results — Racing class: 1st Quantum Racing (Aus), 2 Hi Fi (NZ), 3 Jelik (HK); Premier Cruising: 1 Endeavour of Whitby (Mas), 2 Baby Tonga 99 Degrees E (Mas), 3 Phoenix (Den); IRC 1: 1 Jandi (Bri), 2 Sunsail Princess (Bri), 3 Atlantis Star (Mas); Sportsboat: 1 SMU No 5 (Sin), 2 Longtze 2 Exocet (Bel), 3 Navy 1 (Mas); Multihull Racing: 1 Xcatriot (Aus), 2 Seekronghuk (Tha), 3 Out of the Bag (Aus); Club Cruising: 1 Beaux Esprits (Aus), 2 Amandla Star (Bri), 3 Bad Habits (Net).

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