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Racing Day 4 – 9th January 2009

Day 4 saw all the participants heading for the outside waters of Langkawi for a series of races that began at 9:30 am.

The Racing, Premier Cruising, and Sport Boat Classes would be running 3 times around a Windward-Leeward set up, while the IRC, Multi-hull, and Club Cruising Classes would sail out farther into open waters. All initial starts in all classes were called clear. It was marvelous to watch the interaction between boats as the racers came flying back down the course, weaving their way through those in other classes that were still beating up wind toward the windward mark.

Within an hour the Racing Class had completed their first race – JELIK taking line honors again. Agreement was reached to extend the course for a rounding of 3 times around. This time it was a very close start, with ZUHRAH over the line before the horn taking an individual recall, while the other 4 boats sped off in a pack to weather.

There once was a man who, as a potter, often created mistakes with his bowls and cups. He set them on a shelf, and they became know as FAH-cups. (FAH as in Boo-Boo)

It is here that we award one of the biggest FAH-cups to the Race Committee for the awful mistakes with the setting of Mark 3 on the outer waters course! Club Cruising and IRC will have the honors of the presentation, as their racing was deemed abandoned by the Race Committee.

Multi-hulls, IRC and Club Cruising were given another chance to race however; this time on the Windward-Leeward course already in use. The starts got away cleanly for all.

Unfortunately, Longtze CHRISARGO suffered a damaged rudder, had to retire, and was towed back to the RLYC.

There is nothing in the Race Instructions that says you can’t do a bit of sightseeing while you are out sailing the course. Just make a note of where the Finish Line is because you may have to spend some extra time sailing back to it, like JANDI and RASCAL did today. Ahhhh… on the water is always interesting…

Now, last but not least – and he has been known to finish last – MY TOY created a sensation by finishing ahead of YO!2 in the final race today! Yes, I know they had done different courses – it looked neat anyway!

By: Lotta Con-Fusion

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