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Racing Day 3 – 8th January 2009

Long courses were set for the 3rd day of racing to take the competitors around marks along the perimeter of some of Langkawi’s magical 99 islands of paradise. Because of the uncertainty of wind conditions in the afternoon hours, the Club Cruising class was allowed to start on an individual basis. MY TOY was the earliest to cross, and the last of that class to nose out on the course was BAD HABITS.

Three cheers to Mark Boat “A” with Don, Laurie and David, as well as their boat drivers, who cleared the dock at the crack of dawn to set the pin and be in position to take the start times for these boats!

The more familiar big Start Boat arrived on the scene about 8:30 to begin the business of flags and timing. This was a downwind start, with Racing, Premier Cruising, and Sports Boat Classes all taking the start line at once. This meant 19 boats would be vying for water space and proper alignment to set their spinnakers! It was a beautiful sight in the shimmering early morning light and an exciting beginning for the day! It was good to see that all the Longtze boats were out on course despite yesterday’s rigging problems aboard YELLOW DRAGON.

A second starting sequence was called for the IRC and Multi Hull divisions once the others were away. At one point it was thought that OUT OF THE BAG was going to try drifting over the line stern first – a novel endeavor! At last they got the cat back in the bag and sped off happily with the others.

The multitude of shapes and hues of spinnakers and hulls painted an exotic panorama against the backdrop of cliffs and crags. The golds and greens of the forests contrasted with the aqua waters along the shoreline as all racers sped down the outside of Pulau Dayang Bunting.

Those in the first group of starters went down to the far SW corner of Tanjong Genting Island before heading North to a point off Pulau Kentot Kechil. On a different course, the second bunch of racers turned into Tyson Straight to reach a gated point along the shores of Pulau Singha Besar. Thereafter, both groups of yachts set courses for a marker gate located West of Pulau Kedera in Bass Harbor and thence to the finish line off the town of Kuah.

First to cross the finish line was JELIK with an elapsed time of 3:16:06. An elapsed time pool had been organized aboard the Start Boat. This was won by one of the crew members aboard Navy PA-4 with another of the crew coming in second. Do they really know more than all the Race Committee officials and the volunteers?

By: Rhonda Island

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