Relive RLIR 2020Updated 466 days ago

Two Longtze Premier sportsboats will be on the start line for the 2008 RLIR, 05-11 January

The Longtze Premier team arrived in Langkawi on 3 January to prepare prototypes #2 and #3. ‘The day went very well and we are anxious to start the competition’, declared Pierre Mas at the end of the day.

There will be young Singaporean and Malaysian sailors on board both of the boats.

It is important to have locals involved with the boats. One with the Malaysian colours and the other with Singaporean; we are very proud and lucky’, said Mas.

The team will sail on their prototypes 2 and 3 of the Longtze Premier series in the Sport Boat category. Prototype 2 (red) will sail with the name ‘Longtze Premier Langkawi’, with Thierry Barot and four Malaysian sailors. Prototype 3 (white) will sail under the name of ‘Longtze Premier’, with Pierre Mas, three Singaporean sailors and one Malaysian sailor.

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