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Chinese & Singapore Sailors to Race Longtze Premier Prototypes

Two LONGTZE Premier and two teams will be on the start line for the 2008 Royal Langkawi International Regatta which will take place in Malaysia until January 11th 2008. In an archipelago made up of some one hundred uninhabited and wild islands, the regatta opens the Asiatic season with a competition which assembles some 40 sailboats of every category.

It is the get together for the new business year and the sailing season opener in Asia. The 2008 Royal Langkawi International Regatta which takes place in Malaysia is a prized regatta which assembles crews coming from the four corners of Asia.

The LONGTZE Premier team arrived in China Friday 3rd of January in Langkawi to prepare prototypes #2 and #3 which will be on the start line the morning of January 7th. The team launched their boats and went training Sunday January 6th in pleasant wind conditions ranging from 8 to 15 knots. “The day went very well and we are anxious to start Monday’s competition”, declared Pierre Mas at the end of the day. There will be young Singaporean and Malaysian sailors on board both of the boats. “It is important to have locals implicated with the boats. One with the Malaysian colors and the other with Singaporean; we are very proud and lucky.” explained Pierre Mas.

The team will sail on their prototypes 2 and 3 of the LONGTZE Premier series in the Sport Boat category. Prototype 2 (red) will sail with the name “LONGTZE Premier Langkawi”, with Thierry Barot and four Malaysian sailors. Prototype 3 (white) will sail under the name of “LONGTZE Premier”, with Pierre Mas, three Singaporean sailors and one Malaysian sailor.

Boat 1 : LONTZE Premier Langkawi
Thierry Barot, 48 years old, France
Former professional rugby player and windsurfer, ranked 9th at World Speed Championship
1987 America’s Cup in Fremantle (French Kiss); 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Star class
1999 60ft multi-hull sailing (Banque Populaire / Gitana / SOPRA) ; 2001 The Race
2001 Volvo Ocean Race; 2005-07
32nd America’s Cup with China Team

Musinuliadi BIM MAT,years old, male, Malaysia
Laser coach ; Monsoon cup

Ahmad Hakhimi B. AHAMD SHURRI,21 years old, started sailing in 2002, male, Malaysia
World championship 470 2007 ; Youth Match Racing; Asian Sailing Championship 2006
Royal Langkawi International Regatta; Volvo Youth

Razman B. MAT ALI,years old, started sailing at 13 years old, male, Malaysia
470 World; Youth Match Racing(Platu)2007 ;
Asian Sailing Championship, Qatar (420); Royal Langkawi International Regatta (Platu) 2006
International Regatta Perdana (420); International PSC open Regatta (420)
International Regatta Perdana(420)2005

Siti noorbaidurah btnti MOHD AFENOY, 18 years old, female, Malaysia
Pinang Swimming Club Regatta; Royal Langkawi Regatta2006 ; Royal Langkawi Regatta2005

Boat 2 : LONGTZE Premier
Pierre MAS, 49 years old, France
French champion Match-Racing ; 1991
Winner, Admiral’s Cup, Corum (helmsman)
1st, Québec-Saint-Malo ; 1998
Whitbread Innovation Kvaerner
2000 America’s Cup Auckland New Zealand with LE DEFI: sailing manager
2003 America’s Cup Auckland New Zealand with LE DEFI : sailing manager
America’s Cup: Louis Vuitton ACTS 1 to 3, LE DEFI sailing manager
32nd America’s Cup with China Team, skipper-helmsman

Mohd redzvanMOHD, 20 years old, laser sailor, male, Malaysia
Dan Chi,years old, started sailing in 2006, student, female, Singapore
Republic of Singapore Yacht Club Regatta 2006(Platu-Box)
J24 Nationals 2006 (J24-Mast)
Singapore Strait Regatta 2007(J24-Mast) ; Top of the Gnlf(platu-Box)
J24 Nationals2007 (J24-mains)

Karene, 20 years old, started sailing in 2006, student, female, Singapore
Top of the Golf(platu-mains)
J24 Nationals2007 (J24- mast)

Justin Wong, 21 years old, started sailing at 13 years old, male, Singapore
Sea Games Platu Open 2007 ; Asian Games Match Racing 2006
Sea Games 420 Open; World Championship 470 2005
Hobie 16 France Quiberon 2005

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