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Religious Services


The beautiful Al-Hana mosque is just out of Kuah town on the way to the jetty near Eagle Square and this is the principal mosque.

The Ai’syah mosque is in the district of Sungai Menghulu about 2 kilometres from the town centre, and there is a Surau in the district of Kelibang.

Hindu Temples

The main temple is the Maha Mariamma Temple and is situated at the village of Kisap. It is dedicated to the goddess Mariamma or Shakti.

The Subramania Temple is dedicated to Lord Subramnia and is situated in Langkawi Mall in the Pokok Assam area of Kuah town.

The Kali Temple is the oldest temple on the island, dedicated to the goddess Kali and is situated on the road near the Maha Mariamma Temple.

All temples welcome visitors. Please dress suitably and remove your shoes at the entrance.

Christian Services

There is a Catholic Mass Centre at Lot 69, No. 39 Jalan Pandak Mayah 7, Kuah, which has Mass at 1930 on the second and fourth Monday of the month. The priest Father Nelson, comes from Alor Star. For information on how to get there and Mass times and days (they sometimes change) call Joe at Joe’s Pharmacy on 04 966 0180. Click here to launch website.

The Sanctuary of Glory has a service on Thursday evenings between 2000 and 2200 hours. This is a somewhat charismatic interdenominational group.

Full Gospel Assembly cared for by Pastor Philip who has recently moved onto the mainland so the services are not so regular. Basically made up of Indian and Chinese parishioners who meet on a Friday night.

For further information on the above two groups please contact Daniel See of Vision Tours and Travel, telephone number +604 966 7080, fax +604 966 7290.

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